How to store gym equipment properly


Fitness equipment represents a huge investment, but if you think about it, you are not just investing in several machines; you are investing in your health and wellbeing.  Not many people find the motivation to visit the gym regularly; others do not even have the time. For this reason, creating a small gym in your house is the most convenient option. You have the certainty that you will never miss a workout and you will notice a major change in your mood and productivity as a human being. Apart from looking spectacular, you will feel great. All you need is the basic gym equipment including treadmill, indoor bike, stability ball, resistance ball, dumbbells and yoga mats. Some of these items are heavy and bulky while others are small and light. When it comes to installing the pieces of equipment in a certain area of your home, you are probably aware that the first category of items will occupy significant space. If you do not own a luxurious property, this might represent a problem.

Self-storage is the best place for your fitness equipment

If you bought too many items and they simply do not fit into the available space, then you should consider storing the ones that you can do without for a certain period. Researching storage units Montreal represents an excellent idea, especially during the winter season when the temperatures can reach the freezing degree and the humidity can lead to serious damage. A controlled environment will keep your expensive gym equipment in tiptop condition. If you took into consideration the possibility of placing pieces of equipment outside, then you should eliminate that thought from your mind because it might ruin your financial investment. The bottom line is that you must provide proper storage for your sports and fitness elements. Self-storage allows you to remain organized and safe by taking all the extra items from your home. You never know when you or someone else living in the house can trip over an item and suffer a serious injury. If you have children, you should take safety precautions, not to mention that you are making the best decision for enduring the longevity or integrity of your gym equipment.

How to prepare your gym equipment for storage

The first and the most important step that you need to complete before transporting the pieces of equipment to the storage facility refers to cleaning them properly. The items in your fitness collection include different materials and have different sizes. When it comes to big and heavy elements made of steel and chrome, you have to make sure that rust will not damage them while in the unit. Soap and water are the two magical ingredients that will make your weight and machines sparkling clean. You probably saw that in the gyms you always find the weights placed on a rack, the heavy ones at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. Well, you can do the same, but instead of the gym, you benefit from a storage unit. You can also cover them if you think it is necessary.

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Guide to storing off-season sports equipment

Whether we are talking about everyday workout equipment or seasonal sports like football, baseball, hockey and golf, when you are not using the items required for playing those sports, you have to preserve their functionality and condition by providing high maintenance and storage. If you complete these two tasks with success, you will be able to use the equipment for the following years as well. Even more, if they are high quality items, you pass them on to your children. When doing that, you should teach them to care for their sports equipment at all times. Some kids and even adults participating in sports and activities throw their uniforms, shoes and equipment in a corner and forget about them until they need them again and they have to wash them. This attitude is wrong because it can damage the equipment casing a significant financial loss. Preparing off-season equipment for storage does not have to be a difficult process if you are willing to allow your time and attention.

Decide between basic and climate-controlled units

First, you need to find a place where you can store the sports equipment. If you do not want to occupy the space in your house with off-season items, then you should resort to public storage Kent. You just need to decide if you want to rent a basic or a climate-controlled unit and the answer depends on several factors. For instance, if you plan to keep the equipment in storage for several months, especially during the cold season and you do not want to visit the unit and discover irremediable damage to all your items, you should definitely choose the latter. On the other hand, if you live in a region with pleasant weather and you only plan to store the equipment for a few weeks, you might get away with a basic unit. You should also determine if you intend to visit the unit in the meantime or not.

How to properly pack and store sports equipment

Before moving the equipment into the storage unit, you have to clean it thoroughly. If you plan to store clothing items like uniforms, you have to wash them well to prevent organic substances like grass and dirt from destroying the material while in storage. Next, you should separate the sports equipment. For instance, you can place shoulder pads and helmets in one box, the clothing in another box, and the shoes in another box and so on. You can facilitate the process of searching for a specific item when visiting the storage unit by using a marker to write ion the box. In addition, this will also help you to place the boxes correctly inside the unit because you know which items are more sensitive than others are. Thus, you can put some of them on the ground while keeping others on top. However, you cannot just throw the items in the boxes. For extra protection, you must wrap them in plastic before putting them in boxes. You should also add baking soda inside the box to preserve a good smell.

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Emotions that overwhelm you after experiencing a car accident

A car accident can take a great toll on the victim and her family. The physical injuries, emotional scars and financial difficulties combine resulting in a hard to bear aftermath. For this reason, getting their life together after such a massive negative event is almost impossible for some people. They and their relatives suffer deeply, especially that period right after the car crash because they realize the impact it has on their life and their future. Feeling overwhelming emotions after the accident is more than understandable for the victim and in what concerns the family, each member shows a different reaction in relation to the tragic event. The victim is most probably in shock because the brain simply cannot assimilate what happened or explain the reason. Most people wonder: why did it happen to me? This represents a first sign of denial, but also the first from a chain of exhausting feelings. Sometimes, victims even forget or overlook the importance of hiring a North Miami Beach car accident lawyer.

The family of the victim also experiences the negative effects

Normally, a car accident occurs unexpectedly meaning that neither the victim nor the person responsible for causing the accident prepared in any way for it. This makes the both parties but especially the victim susceptible to financial crisis, physical and emotional trauma. In this situation, family represents a fundamental role because it has the power to help the victim cope with that terrible experience. However, if the family is not able to understand the major effects a car accident can have on a person than the victim should not hesitate to seek professional help and guidance. In some cases, the family suffers shoulder to shoulder with the directly affected member, so they need a leading force to bring light and positivity into their life. Even though each family is different, they all experience changes in family life. For instance, parents become extra careful and give maximum attention to the safety of their children, especially when being away from home. He victim or close family members might start having nightmares related to the event.  Anger and frustration may become common feelings among the member of the family.

…but the victim remains the most affected after a car accident

As mentioned above, shock and denial represent the first feelings that a car crash survivor experiences. Although each person feels the shock differently, common signs include emotional distress, numbness, fear and unpredictable mood swings. Irritability and ager inevitably follow in the chain of emotions. The victim is angry at the negligence of the driver and starts to project that anger towards those around, probably the loved ones because they accompany the victim 24 hours a day for support, emotional and physical help. Dealing with this strong and negative emotion – namely anger is difficult but the victim can succeed by learning and using various relaxation techniques daily. After anger, guilt and shame overwhelm the victim, who starts to think that the car crash could have been avoidable and if they acted differently, they could have change the course of the events. Ultimately, anxiety and fear take over lasting for months after the accident.

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Why you have to invest in the 2018 Chevrolet Suburban?


Thinking of buying a new family vehicle? Well, this means that you are searching for a multi-talented car, like the 2018 Chevrolet Suburban is. What is so special about this car, you may ask? The impressive space that comes with it. With 9 seats and 120 cubic feet of cargo space, this vehicle may answer to all your dreams in terms of vehicles. Having a large family? Then this is the car for you! Below are some of the reasons for which you want to invest in this vehicle in 2018.

Great driving experience

For a vehicle that voluminous, Edmunds thinks that the 2018 Chevrolet Suburban offers a surprising driving experience. The acceleration and braking have fast responses, giving the driver a surprising control over this vehicle. It comes with a 5.3-liter V8 engine, which helps the robust vehicle on the road more than anticipated. The vehicle needs only 7.2 seconds to reach 60 mph, which is quite impressive. The steering is light and predictable, offering plenty of feedback for a more pleasant experience.

It is a comfortable car

With effective suspensions and vibrations absorbance features, this vehicle is a quiet one. You may think that for the generous engine with which it is equipped, the cabin noise might be too high, but this isn’t the case, by far. The seats support a variety of body types and are stable and sturdy, while being comfortable enough. The all-terrain tires absorb greatly any shocks and vibrations, making out of this car a simply perfect one for multiple purposes. City drive or off-road experiences, this vehicle is completely prepared for them all.

An ergonomic interior

The 2018 Chevrolet Suburban comes after of a remodel of the interior. This way, now we have an ergonomic vehicle, with plenty of visibility for the second-row passengers. Also, the luxury package offered the option of heated seats, which is a great addition to this otherwise amazing car.

Plenty of technological additions

The new Suburban comes with a generous touch-screen display for the Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system, which is a system compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. These systems have a logical layout and an intuitive placement of the options, which makes them a child’s play.

If you needed some solid reasons to buy this jewellery, here are several that will certainly tickle your fancy regardless of your preferences. If you have a generous family, this is the vehicle that you need.

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Things to consider when buying a sports car



You have a dose of affection for sports cars, so you obviously want to have one of your own. You are not short on cash, so you can afford the best vehicle that money can buy. But do you really know how to pick a sports car? The likelihood is that you do not. And who can blame you? Buying cars designed for performance at high speeds is anything but easy. There are many things to consider, other than the sticker price. Please continue reading to find out what the most important aspects are.

Your lifestyle

When you are in the market for a sports car, you need to take into consideration your lifestyle. As you can imagine, these luxury vehicles are not for just about anyone. Automobiles that ensure performance at high speeds were created for individuals who love to drive. No, they are not for the rich and famous. Understand that buying a car is a tremendous commitment, so you need to think about whether the vehicle actually suits your lifestyle. Are you really the adventurous type of person?


As mentioned earlier, sports cars designed for superior performance. When it comes to obtaining automotive information, you should head on over to Edmunds. You have the opportunity to discover 2018 Volvo XC90 pricing on Edmunds and much more. The one thing you should seek info about is performance. If the ride does not have the best technical attributes, then it is not worth purchasing. The vehicle should be able to carry itself well on the road and easily respond to your commands.

Automatic transmission

The fact is that the vast majority of sports cars come with automatic transmission. However, this is not the case for all the automobiles out there. You may want to know why automatic transmission is so important. Automatic transmission allows you to easily change gear ratios and spares you from the trouble related to shifting. Unlike manual transmission, automatic transmission is less restrictive and it comes in handy in heavy traffic.

Look into insurance options

It only leaves you wondering if you need auto insurance. Of course, you do. You are going to invest in a valuable car and you need to protect it. It does not matter if you purchase a 2018 Volvo XC90 or any other car. You will want to have it insured and as soon as possible. Make sure that you get the best deal on the car insurance.

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Keeping fit during the summer with the help of summer sports


During the hot summer months, it is difficult to motivate ourselves to practice a sport or another. This usually happens due to the increased temperatures and the increased thermic discomfort felt by the human body. This prevents many from engaging in any type of physical activity, and this, obviously, means that people lose their physical form, gain weight and become less healthy than in the colder months. But luckily, there are several summer sports which will allow people to engage in physical activities, without the usual thermic discomfort.

1. Surfing, the celebrity summer sport

Based on water, surfing may be one of the few sports that are perfect for the summer. Of course, it requires some sort of equipment, such as tablas de paddle surf, but given the advantages brought by this type of activity, the investment is worth it. Also, surfing comes with plenty of health benefits, as it follows.

  • Improves cardiovascular and heart health – surfing is the perfect cardiovascular exercise since it involves all the muscles in the upper part of the body. The upper body muscles are used for paddling, while the leg muscles are used for directing the surfing board. This means that muscles in the entire body are used in the process.
  • Improves mental health – generally, physical exercising improves mental health. But since surfing is also a fun activity, it will certainly have a positive impact on various people’s mental health.
  • Get more vitamin D from sun exposure – it’s a well-known fact that sun exposure improves the levels at which the human body absorbs vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone development and skin cell regeneration.
  • Sleep better – those involving in this type of activity are more likely to have a restful sleep. Involving in soliciting physical activities, like surfing is, will certainly empower each individual to relax and refresh their bodies.

2. Swimming, another perfect sport for the summer

Providing similar health benefits to surfing, swimming is yet another sport that can be practiced with success even during those hot summer days. Also practiced in the water, it prevents the human body to overheat in the process of exercising. It also improves the cardiovascular health, as well as the health of the bone and respiratory systems. Being an intensive cardio-vascular training, this will increase the levels of fitness of one in a relatively short amount of time. The core, the legs and arms are the main areas of the body which will be solicited during such workouts, thus, the entire body.

These are two of the most popular summer sports in which people could get involved during the hot summer months. If you choose surfing due to the increased amounts of entertainment, make sure to pick an appropriate board. Research your options on an official website of a specialized retailer. They generally give important information regarding all types of boards, which makes the process of choosing one considerably easier.

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Fitness Tracker – what to look for when buying a new one

If you are on the market to find the best fitness tracker, then you should check the reviews offered by professionals, because you have to make sure that you invest in the right device. If you want to measure and monitor your physical activity, then you should buy a fitness tracker. But, before making the investment you should decide what your fitness goals are, because different devices are designed for different needs. Do you want to train for the triathlon? Do you want to start a fine-tune workout regimen? The right device will help you achieve your objectives. All the trackers available on the market include sensors that monitor your movements and in the majority of cases, they connect and synchronize with your mobile devices to help you store data regarding your daily activities. Here is what you should look for when you browse through the market for a new one.

Check the accessories that accompany it

When you buy a device, you have to check the accessories it comes with, because you have to make sure that you have everything at hand to ease your life. The first thing to check is the charger, because you will need a reliable one. If you do not like the one you get in the package, you can buy a Fitbit flex charger from an online store. There are multiple providers that list on sale this type of accessories, so make sure to check if you can find chargers online for the model, you want to buy.

Buy one compatible to your lifestyle

You should take a look at your daily activities, and what you intend to do from now on. Do you prefer sedentary life? Are you an active person who is looking for new challenges? In this way, you will be able to narrow down your search and you will buy a fitness tracker that will meet your needs. You should compare different devices, to see what features excite you. In case you work on email daily, then you may want to invest in a model that sends you email notifications. Also, you may want to invest in a device that is able to track your sleep patterns, if you work in shifts.

Check for compatible technology

The majority of models available on the market feature software that is compatible with certain devices and apps. This means that you will have to use a certain app with your fitness tracker, and you have to make sure that it is the one you prefer. If you have a specific phone model, app or operating system check if the fitness technology is compatible with the tracker.

Check for budget friendly options

According to your budget, you will find a fitness tracker that will suit your needs. They come in a wide price range and it is important to know your budget from the beginning. When you will see the features some models have, you will be tempted to spend a lot, so it is important to establish your budget from the beginning

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5 good reasons why you should buy your clothes second hand

To buy or not to buy second-hand clothes? That is the question. Clothes are those things that you should buy second hand. They do not put a strain on your budget, so you get to fulfil all your fashion desires. Previously owned clothing is not harmful to you, nor is it possessed by the devil. In fact, buying second hand clothes has many benefits. What you need to do is try to make an effort and buy used instead of new apparel. Are you still on the fence about second hand clothes? If the answer is yes, here are 5 good reasons why you are better off buying your clothes second hand.

Buying Quality

A common misconception is that used apparel is low-quality. Second hand clothes are anything but low-quality. They do not disintegrate and the color does not fade after a couple of washes. The demand for high quality second hand clothing is very high in the marketplace so suppliers have no choice but to comply. When they need designer labels, vendors order from websites like They do not even have to have the clothes tested, despite the fact that have had previous owners. The point is that you do not purchase apparel of inferior quality. What you are buying is clothes that last long for the money that you spend.

Green fashion

Do you care about the environment? If you do, you should buy second hand garments. Purchasing previously owned clothes is environmentally friendly. Buying used apparel does not eliminate textile waste, but it does help. What you are doing is repurposing used apparel, someone else’s pieces of clothing. However, you should not imagine that the clothing come from your neighbors. Jeans, shirts, trousers, or dresses come from miles away. Only the vendor knows the origin of the products. These garments usually come from people who do not wear the same clothes again.

Get more out of your budget

Second hand clothes do not put a strain on your budget. What they do is the exact opposite. Everything from shoes to dresses are affordable in thrift shops. Used clothing is inexpensive to say the least. They are a bargain. You can purchase any types of garments at the fraction of the cost of the original price. So, it does not really matter if you have a limited budget. You can fulfill all your fashion desires.

Real vintage

In second hand stores, you can find old used clothes as well as vintage clothes. Is there any difference between the two? Of course, there is. Vintage clothing has character and it is spectacular. Classis garments never go out of fashion, so they are worth the investment. When shopping second hand, you do not have to dig deep into your pockets. You will find original items at affordable prices. If you do find a valuable item, grab it. You will be able to monetize it later.

Contributing to a cause

By buying used garments, you are not only saving money and reducing textile waste. You are helping. The profit that thrift shops make from selling second hand clothing to charity. So, yu are contributing to a good cause without even knowing it. Whether or not you are interested in making a change, buy your apparel second hand.


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Taking sports betting to a new level

If you are sports enthusiast, and lately, you have started to become a betting enthusiast as well, you probably want to learn as many tips on the topic as possible. Sport betting can be quite rewarding if done by the book, but in order for this activity to actually provide you with the outcomes desired, following some essential tips is recommended. Although becoming an expert requires time and dedication, there are a few ways in which you can take your sports betting to a whole other level, even if you might have just started showing interest in this activity. From choosing matched betting to money control, here are a few important aspects to know:


Research is key

Even if you might see sports betting as a fun and exciting activity, if you do not want to lose money, but on the contrary, increase your winning chances, being properly informed is a must. Regardless if you are interested in horse races or betting on other types of sports, research is key. Watch as many games as possible, see what other betters have to say before investing money and try to avoid betting on a match that you might not be sure of. If you want to actually make money out of this activity, and to avoid losing, informing yourself properly and reading as many details on the topic as possible can make a big difference.

Money control

Efficient money control is one of the most relevant tips you should keep in mind. Regardless of how safe you think your winning odds are, it is never recommended to invest more than you could actually afford. To maintain this activity a fun one, controlling your betting money with care is essential, so make sure you not get excited and rush spending too much next time you place a sports bet.

Consider matched betting

Last but not least, if you want to enjoy betting even more, and to increase your profits you should consider matched betting. Once you research what this alternative involves, and how it can provide you with a steady income, while not requiring a lot of your time, you will want to try this option for yourself. Matched betting has become quite a popular method of making money on the internet. You do not need a lot of cash to get started, and your returns will certainly meet if not exceed your expectations. All you have to do is choose the right bookmaker and watch a few tutorials on how things work.

As you can see, if you enjoy sports betting, but you desire to become a more experienced better, increase you gains and lowering your loss rate, knowing a few tips on the subject can actually help you out. Looking for new opportunities, such as the no-risk technique of matched betting, can make your betting experiences more pleasant, and provide you with the financial rewards you desire. Making the most out of your bets requires you to follow only a few simple guidelines, so make sure to keep in mind the aspects mentioned above.

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From zero to hero – how to become a pro netballer

If you want to take up a sport, netball is the right answer for you. The popularity rate of this sport has significantly increased in the past years and contrary to what many people believe, it is not only designed for women, but also for men. You can even see mixed teams in competitions. Also, playing netball comes with a series of great benefits for both the mind and the body. If you are interested in playing social netball games in London and in becoming a professional player, consider reviewing these useful tips mentioned below in this article.


Practise is the key

Obviously, the best way you can improve your game and go from zero to hero in netball is to train a lot. Enrol in local netball clubs or teams and play it as much as possible. Consider practising even in your spare time, with your friends for instance, even though they do not intend to take it to a professional level. Every practice will help you improve your gaming skills and will add to your experience. At first, it is recommended you play in different positions in order to see which one suits you best. Focus on your moving styles, passing skills and shooting moves. Consider playing netball by yourself whenever you have the chance by using various targets on a wall or by drawing them out with a piece of chalk.

Get properly equipped

Once you have decided to take up netball, it is time you start looking for proper equipment, from clothes to shoes, balls and other such things. Do your online research well and ensure the products you purchase are of the highest quality.

Watch your diet

The diet is an extremely important aspect to a professional netballer, so be selective when it comes to food. Try avoiding junk food and fast food as much as possible, as they can affect your health. Besides, eating healthy is great for both your body and your mind.

Read books and watch videos to learn new tactics

Another way you can improve your gaming is to read books on this sport and watch many videos on other popular netball teams. It is a great method to improve your strategy and learn new techniques that will help you win nearly every time.

All things considered, these tips are supposed to help you get from zero to a professional netball player.

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Is CrossFit training really a killer workout program?


Many claim that weight training is the ultimate workout form. Well, that’s debatable, especially with the new trends in the field. A quite recent approach on training, which may claim is the most effective, is Cross Fit. And it already has its stable place in the fitness world. But, what differentiates this approach from others? First of all, it cultivates a strong community sense in those attending these classes, as claims. Also, the classes have a crazy vibe. But in a positive sense. In an “I’m not quitting until I am dead” sense. And this is great, because many find in them the support they need to accomplish their fitness goals. However, below you will find explained what makes Cross training a killer workout program.

Sweat, tears and gold

In other words, by the end of your class, you’ll be exhausted, yet happy and positive. This is the result of the intensive workouts, a complex blend of squats, dumbbell exercises, Olympic lifting and intricate cardio sequences as well. Although these programs are short, they are considerably more efficient than weight training, and they build stamina and endurance fast. Also, those into this kind of training see fast results in terms of appearance, their body fat ratio reducing considerably only after a month of Cross training. The cardio sequences are more efficient than the hours spent on a treadmill or elliptical. And although oftentimes the differences are not significant in terms of strength, the stamina, the endurance and jump capabilities were considerably higher in those attending Cross classes than weightlifting. Also, while weightlifting concentrates exclusively on the number of repetitions of each exercise, Cross classes try to squeeze a higher number of reps of each exercise in continuously decreasing intervals, while preserving proper form and execution. This is far more challenging than the traditional approach.

Gain power and perspective

The communities formed by Cross classes encourage each participant to push their boundaries, work harder and accomplish their fitness goals more efficiently. On the other hand, weightlifting is an individual form of training, case in which, many find it difficult to motivate themselves. Accomplishing more is easier in a competitive, yet supportive environment, than in a solitary one. This is why many choose this kind of workout to others. Also, since it offers traceable results, those practicing it feel more motivated to return to this kind of classes and improve furthermore their appearance, stamina and fitness capabilities.

For killer results, follow a proper training schedule

Although there are many online Cross classes, you might want to attend a gym for it. Guidance is necessary, especially for Cross newbies, because the exercises and fairly complicated and you want to avoid injuries. Also, avoid overworking your body, because your stamina and results will decrease otherwise. It is advisable to attend such classes two to three times a week, in which to increase gradually the number of repetitions, and decrease the time in which you perform them. Also, follow strictly your trainer’s indications if you want proper results.

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Small guide for keeping fit – follow the steps

One of the biggest challenges nowadays is trying to keep fit and healthy. But, with our small guide things can prove easier than you imagine. Do not waste any minute and read the following tips which can prove quite useful.

Find your motivation

In order to start doing sport, there is an important thing that you have to take into consideration. You should find your motivation first. How can you do that? It is simpler: just take a look in a mirror. Are you fully pleased of what you see? In case the answer is “no”, it is time to take actions immediately. What is more, try to think about summer. Would like going to the seaside this summer? Ok, you need a “summer” body. Thus, say goodbye to extra kilos and start working out.

Buy fitness equipment

Are you one of those who claim that they do not like going to gym? Do you usually blame the lack of time? Here is a good solution. Why do not you buy fitness equipment and transform your room into a small working out place? You can invest in innovative fitness products which are specifically designed for making you exercise at home and also benefits from good prices. Moreover, in case your room is not large enough, you can use your garage, attic, basement or even your balcony. There are people who have invested in complete home gym equipment in order to make sure that they will be able to do their physical exercises correctly.


On the other hand, in case you wonder why we highly recommend fitness, you should know that it is excellent for beginners. Put some music on your mp3 player and start working out. You can also watch some videos, as to make sure that you have chosen the best types of exercises for your body.

Make a plan

Keeping fit without a plan is… zero. You will give up after a day or two. Thus, you need to think about a strategy. Grab a notebook and try to put down the things that you have to do. Start by organising the exercises on days. You can call it a “Keeping fit diary”. Also, do not forget to make a list with the types of food that you are allowed to eat and those which are “forbidden”.

The big D from “Diet”

You cannot get that summer body that we have been talking about without keeping a healthy diet. But, be careful because it does not include starvation. There are many people who make this mistake and who believe that they can get rid of extra kilos only by not eating at all. But this is a wrong conception. You only have to give up junk food and sweets and replace them with fruit and vegetable.


However, bear in mind that there are no exceptions. Even when you go out, you should eat and drink healthy. For example, you should replace the regular soda or beer with a smoothie drink or other fresh low-calories drinks. Last but not least, do not forget about hydration. Drink as much water as you can. Your skin will also thank you too.


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Is CrossFit a more efficient training method than traditional weight lifting?


Combining strength and endurance training, CrossFit is considered to be one of the best training methods that emerged in the past few years. Unlike traditional weight training, performed in regular gyms, this innovative type of routine develops a strong community sense and it is no wonder it took the fitness world by storm. It is far more efficient than regular weight training, because it is based on a different approach. The two methods of burning calories rely on different mentalities, equipment and techniques. For instance, traditional weight loss routines focus on developing muscle mass, is a solitary activity and many see it as a narcissistic approach on sports. On the other hand, Cross routines focus on developing an overall efficient fitness status, in a community with similar fitness goals. This CrossFit gym Fairlawn located prides itself on developing a great sense of community while helping people achieve a healthy fitness level.

Cross fitness – the perfect blend or aerobic and strength training

A study published in Journal of Exercise Physiology, has shown that CrossFitters have by far more stamina and power in jumps than weightlifters, have better aerobic capacities and improved body posture and muscle structure. This is a result of finding the perfect balance between aerobic training (such as running) and strength training. Oftentimes, the strength training consists of push-ups in different combinations, and other specific training methods, such as deadlifts and kettle bell exercises. All these routines stress the body considerably more than weight training, forcing it to gain cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina, as the workouts evolves from a beginner level, to intermediate and advanced. Rather than focusing on a single group of muscles at a time (like weight training does), Cross workouts focus on working efficiently multiple muscle groups at once. Plyometric routines are integrated in these workouts, just like many other approaches we see in military forces.

Cross Fitness applies a different motivational approach

While weight lifting is a solitary activity and the sole motivation of one is their own, Cross fitness is performed in large groups of people. Many find this aspect highly motivational. The friendly competition that takes place between participants, the camaraderie lacking in weight lifting workouts, and the constant encouragement from both trainers and colleagues have a great positive impact on one’s attitude towards their workouts. Although all trainings are challenging on different levels, the community members help each other overcome obstacles, surprise themselves and others as they gain more endurance. Many argue that unlike weight training, CrossFit offers a perspective for their hard work and as the results emerge, that perspective is validated.

Many might argue that the difference between the two types of training might reside in goals. It might be true, since weight lifters focus on developing muscle mass, and CrossFitters focus on developing more stamina and endurance. However, in terms of health, CrossFit training offers the great benefit of improving cardiovascular endurance and developing them in a healthy and efficient way.


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Sport and back pain – everything you need to know


If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, then you know that exercise is an important part of it. Many people choose to exercise by practicing a sport. But many people experience low back pain when they practice sports, because they get injured. You might not know, but you can have back pain if you get injured while playing tennis, golf, or while you do activities as running, bicycling, swimming or skiing. These sports put a strain on your back and even if you are a fit athlete, you can suffer an injury. Actually, when it comes to athletes, many cases of back pain have as trigger a trauma. Other times the pain is caused by repetitive minor injuries, so if you experience pain for more than 6 weeks, you should look for low back pain relief in a specialized therapy center. In the majority of cases, back pain can be treated without major disruption in your life, but as an athlete, you might be reluctant to seek help.

Types of sports-related injuries

When exercising, you can experience injuries to any part of your spine. Also, sports can cause you injuries to the fascia and soft tissues, and this can lead to back pain. 20% of the injuries athletes experience involve neck or lower back pain. Lower back pain is caused by many sports. Sports that use a twisting motion, as golf, repetitive impact, as running, weight loading or lifting can cause great damage to your lower back. In addition, sports that involve impact, as football, and that place the neck at injury risk, can cause you neck pains. Adolescents suffer from low back pains, because they experience growth-related problems as Scheuermann’s kyphosis or scoliosis.

How can you avoid low back pain?

It is crucial to stretch before exercising because it will help you prevent injury. Also, if you are an athlete you should do a thorough warm-up before starting your activities. The warm-up is specific to the type of sport you practice. However, a traditional warm-up should include exercises that help you increase blood circulation to the ligaments and muscles of the back, and that stretch the upper and ladder muscles. In addition, you should slowly start the movements.

How can you treat low back pain?

The treatment differs according to the causes of your back pain. In the majority of cases, the treatment for athletes is conservative and it does not include surgical methods. Your doctor will prescribe you physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and exercise. Exercise is important during this period, because you have to strengthen your para-spinal, abdominal and pelvic musculature. If you have strong muscles in these areas, you take off the pressure from your spine and you can prevent injuries. You should ask the help of a physical therapist because they can help you develop a routine of rehabilitation and conditioning that can improve your health. If you experience back pain you should wait no longer, you should go to a physical therapy center and ask them assess your state.

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Supplements every fitness girl should take – check this guide


Contrary to what most people believe, some supplements are extremely helpful in fitness, since it gives girls that extra edge they need in order to gain muscle and burn fat faster. There is a list of essential elements that should be added to your diet if you really what to get the best results and one of those elements is actually calcium supplements, so check some algaecal reviews to see which company providing this type of supplements should you go for. Here are some of the elements that will give you a boost in fat loss, improve your health and help you gain lean muscle.

Whey protein

One of the most well-known characteristics of whey is its digestibility, since it breaks down quite fast once it gets in the body and sends its aminos to all muscle tissues. It is worth mentioning the fact that besides protein, whey also delivers peptides, which are known to increase blood flow in the muscle area. This is extremely beneficial especially the moment before you start your workout, because this way muscles can receive higher quantity of oxygen and nutrients.


Calcium is an essential mineral that not only fitness girls, but everyone else should take every once in a while. The most popular property calcium is known for is related to strengthening bones, but besides this aspect it is also recommended for muscle contraction. In the case of those who suffer from calcium deficiency for example, chances for muscles to not contract properly are quite high. What is more, some studies show that calcium can also boosts fat loss.

Fish oil

According to experts, fish oil comes with a series of great benefits for one’s overall health, which makes it a must-add on the list of supplements fitness girls should include in their diet. In order to benefit from the desired results, it is recommended that you take only 2 g of fish oil no more than three times daily.


This is a compound similar to amino-acids that usually occurs in muscle tissue and its primary function is to aid muscles generate fast energy while you exercise. By taking creatine supplements, you only give your body an increased amount of energy, endurance and strength, so that you can exercise a longer period.

All in all, these are only a few examples of supplements that fitness girls should consider taking. Keep in mind that it is mandatory you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage, since otherwise you may experience some unpleasant side effects.

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