Is CrossFit a more efficient training method than traditional weight lifting?


Combining strength and endurance training, CrossFit is considered to be one of the best training methods that emerged in the past few years. Unlike traditional weight training, performed in regular gyms, this innovative type of routine develops a strong community sense and it is no wonder it took the fitness world by storm. It is far more efficient than regular weight training, because it is based on a different approach. The two methods of burning calories rely on different mentalities, equipment and techniques. For instance, traditional weight loss routines focus on developing muscle mass, is a solitary activity and many see it as a narcissistic approach on sports. On the other hand, Cross routines focus on developing an overall efficient fitness status, in a community with similar fitness goals. This CrossFit gym Fairlawn located prides itself on developing a great sense of community while helping people achieve a healthy fitness level.

Cross fitness – the perfect blend or aerobic and strength training

A study published in Journal of Exercise Physiology, has shown that CrossFitters have by far more stamina and power in jumps than weightlifters, have better aerobic capacities and improved body posture and muscle structure. This is a result of finding the perfect balance between aerobic training (such as running) and strength training. Oftentimes, the strength training consists of push-ups in different combinations, and other specific training methods, such as deadlifts and kettle bell exercises. All these routines stress the body considerably more than weight training, forcing it to gain cardiorespiratory endurance and stamina, as the workouts evolves from a beginner level, to intermediate and advanced. Rather than focusing on a single group of muscles at a time (like weight training does), Cross workouts focus on working efficiently multiple muscle groups at once. Plyometric routines are integrated in these workouts, just like many other approaches we see in military forces.

Cross Fitness applies a different motivational approach

While weight lifting is a solitary activity and the sole motivation of one is their own, Cross fitness is performed in large groups of people. Many find this aspect highly motivational. The friendly competition that takes place between participants, the camaraderie lacking in weight lifting workouts, and the constant encouragement from both trainers and colleagues have a great positive impact on one’s attitude towards their workouts. Although all trainings are challenging on different levels, the community members help each other overcome obstacles, surprise themselves and others as they gain more endurance. Many argue that unlike weight training, CrossFit offers a perspective for their hard work and as the results emerge, that perspective is validated.

Many might argue that the difference between the two types of training might reside in goals. It might be true, since weight lifters focus on developing muscle mass, and CrossFitters focus on developing more stamina and endurance. However, in terms of health, CrossFit training offers the great benefit of improving cardiovascular endurance and developing them in a healthy and efficient way.


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Supplements every fitness girl should take – check this guide


Contrary to what most people believe, some supplements are extremely helpful in fitness, since it gives girls that extra edge they need in order to gain muscle and burn fat faster. There is a list of essential elements that should be added to your diet if you really what to get the best results and one of those elements is actually calcium supplements, so check some algaecal reviews to see which company providing this type of supplements should you go for. Here are some of the elements that will give you a boost in fat loss, improve your health and help you gain lean muscle.

Whey protein

One of the most well-known characteristics of whey is its digestibility, since it breaks down quite fast once it gets in the body and sends its aminos to all muscle tissues. It is worth mentioning the fact that besides protein, whey also delivers peptides, which are known to increase blood flow in the muscle area. This is extremely beneficial especially the moment before you start your workout, because this way muscles can receive higher quantity of oxygen and nutrients.


Calcium is an essential mineral that not only fitness girls, but everyone else should take every once in a while. The most popular property calcium is known for is related to strengthening bones, but besides this aspect it is also recommended for muscle contraction. In the case of those who suffer from calcium deficiency for example, chances for muscles to not contract properly are quite high. What is more, some studies show that calcium can also boosts fat loss.

Fish oil

According to experts, fish oil comes with a series of great benefits for one’s overall health, which makes it a must-add on the list of supplements fitness girls should include in their diet. In order to benefit from the desired results, it is recommended that you take only 2 g of fish oil no more than three times daily.


This is a compound similar to amino-acids that usually occurs in muscle tissue and its primary function is to aid muscles generate fast energy while you exercise. By taking creatine supplements, you only give your body an increased amount of energy, endurance and strength, so that you can exercise a longer period.

All in all, these are only a few examples of supplements that fitness girls should consider taking. Keep in mind that it is mandatory you do not exceed the recommended daily dosage, since otherwise you may experience some unpleasant side effects.

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What info should calcium supplement reviews contain?

Sooner or later, age catches up to you and a healthy diet, containing numerous vegetables and fruits will no longer sustain the needs of your entire body. Extra, outside help is needed. Athletes as well as regular individuals understand that taking supplements, especially those containing calcium is necessary after a certain age. At the same time, they know that if they are going to enjoy the real benefits associated to these supplements, they should focus on locating a dedicated supplier, especially if they are considering the possibility to shop online. Conducting a thorough search and including all relevant aspects in that search is necessary, if you are going to eliminate the many threats existing on the online market. It is very important to always remind yourself that it is your body at stake here. Any mistake you might be making will influence your body and you will feel it. If a calcium supplement is not trustworthy and if it has strong side effects, your body will feel it. You will feel worse and worse and instead of taking of improving your overall state of health, you are actually damaging it. For this reason, reading reviews is an absolute must in this process. Take Algaecal reviews, for instance. These share a great deal of info with interested buyers, helping them understand whether or not they should use these supplements. Have you asked yourself what a well-written review should contain in terms of details?

Facts about the supplements

General facts about calcium supplements are important. A review should explain to you what the benefits involved are, how you are supposed to feel after taking these supplements and whether or not that actually happened in the case of certain supplements. It is important to know what is expected from calcium supplements, so you can have an idea of the professionalism of the supplements in general.

Details regarding on side effects

It is very difficult to find supplements or drugs in general that have absolutely no side effects. The simple fact that you are taking too much calcium could affect your body, even if that amount is coming from a natural source. However, a review should disclose these side effects so you can compare them. The greater these effects are the more you have to consider the supplement in question. Remember that this is no matter to play with.

Info on the maker

The maker is just as important as the product. If you are going to trust the supplement, you need to first trust the company making it. This has to earn your trust and make you understand why this supplement is s very different from anything else on the market. So, a good review should contain some details of this kind, allowing you to decide on whether or not trusting the maker is a good idea.

The overall impression

This is the point in which the reader has something like a resume. This is the grand finale of the review and the part that sums up everything. Here is where the review shares the overall impression regarding the supplements. It might have great benefits, but side effects as well, so it might not be a good idea, for example. Or you could find out the opposite, which would be that it is a good investment. It depends on the experience the patient had with the supplements in question.


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The clear benefits of working with a personal trainer

Whether for a single session or for an entire month, you should be working with a personal trainer. While it may seem surprising, the truth is that the services of a fitness professional can actually change your life. You will see better results in the shortest period of time, not to mention that a fitness professional actually gives your gym membership more value. You receive the help you need in order to meet your fitness goals and get the most out of your exercise routine. The benefits of personal training Frankston are so colossal that they can improve your overall quality of life. In this article we will enlarge upon what you have been missing all these years that you have worked alone. Understanding the benefits will help you decide whether or not it is worth investing in the services of a fitness professional.

Learning something new every day

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there is a great deal of information available out there. The average person is not capable of distinguishing which piece of information is actually useful. Fortunately, a personal trainer can will get you familiar with what is most important for your health. Fitness professionals have in-depth knowledge and this is the reason why they are capable of providing you precise facts. They anticipate what you need during the workout in order to accomplish great results according to the input that your provide. So, it can be said that using a personal trainer is a clever idea. If you cannot afford to hire a fitness professional for a long period of time, you can use what you have learned in your home sessions.

Believing in yourself

People give up exercising altogether because they lack confidence. In other words, they do not believe that they are capable of reaching their goals. If you need extra motivation, then working with a fitness professional is a good idea. A personal trainer genuinely cares about you, so he or she will be there when you need support. People who practice this profession are dedicated to helping you resolve your issues. They act like coaches in the sense that they are present during your workout to encourage you to keep going on and, most important, to make sure that you are doing your exercises right. It is needless to say how happy you will be to show your trainer the improvements that you have made.

Effective workout

Undoubtedly, going to the gym will more rewarding if you work with a personal trainer. Since the fitness professional designs exercises based on your specific needs, you will not even have to think about what you should be doing or whether you are doing them right. The fitness professional will carefully consider your exercise routine, designing exercises that do not lead to injury or health issues. This is very helpful, especially if you do not have much time on your hands. You basically get the best possible results for the amount of time that you dedicate to exercising. It is no surprise that you see better results.

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Alternative methods to educate your child

Having a child is definitely one of the greatest joys of someone’s life. However, this does not without any string attached as it is a great responsibility to raise a baby into becoming a happy, healthy and successful person. Of course, you are the one who is directly involved in their education, which is why besides school per-se, you should also seek for alternative means of helping them evolve. There are plenty of things you can do to support your children and this will only be beneficial, both for you and for them. Here are some suggestions that might come handy:

Send them to a sport camp

When it comes to sport camps, the main question is “why should you allow your kid to attend one?”. Actually, the point is not allowing them, but actually convincing them that it is the best thing for them. Physical activity will enable them to grow healthy and develop their body correctly, while being part of something bigger than them (a team, a group etc) will show them that they need to collaborate in order to achieve success, regardless the situation. It is a great way to contribute to shaping their personalities and learning new things about the world and about themselves. If you are the type of parent who would love seeing their children on a sports field, then you will be happy to find out that there are many school holiday camps QLD, so all you have to do is choose the one you consider suitable. These have amazing accommodation and very professional people who will definitely take care of your kids during their training.

Encourage creativity

Whether they seem to have a nice voice, be talented at painting or any other artistic activity, encourage them to improve, no matter what. You may want them to understand mathematics or read more, but as long as they have something they love to do, make sure you only encourage them do strive for more. Encourage their passion and creativity, because you may be surprised with what children can actually do. Maybe you are about to raise a great artist and you have no idea. Support them as much as you can, both financially and spiritually, because their passion may end up being their career.

Offer them a diverse environment

If you want your kids to grow into open minded, courageous and secure persons, then you need to allow them to experience as much as they can while they are young. Provide them with an environment full of diversity and dynamism, because this will make them be always alert and curious for more. You can introduce new elements in each stage of your children’s development. Decorate your baby’s room with as many colours and shapes as possible, allow your school kid to practice sports and encourage your teenage child to get involved in extracurricular activities. School is not all there is, and you should understand that if you want your kid to grow and enhance all the levels of their life.


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Personal training – the key to your dream body

If you are trying to lose weight or you simply want to shape your body and define your muscles, then you probably understand the struggle of having the most suitable training plan. A lot of people decide to go to the gym and exercise, but then feel discouraged because the results take too much time to appear, so they give up. In order to stay constantly engaged and make sure you perform the exercises correctly, one of the best things you could do is get a personal coach. This way, you will not lose interest on your training and you will manage to achieve your goals faster. If you are still not sure about hiring a personal trainer Keysborough, read on to find out why this is your most reliable and efficient solution against extra pounds.

Your coach will keep you motivated

When it comes to losing weight, one of the post popular problem people encounter is lack of motivation. You set some objectives, start working and expect to see results right away, but this is not always how things are actually happening, because visible results take time to appear. For this reason, a lot of people feel demotivated and even decide to quite their training journey. However, if you collaborate with a personal coach, they will explain you how performance requires time and your efforts are not useless. In addition to this, they will help you choose realistic objectives that are not impossible to achieve. A personal trainer has enough experience to keep you accountable and engaged and since they are working by your side, you will feel like you disappoint not only yourself if you quit.

You get a customised exercise program

Besides keeping you engaged and making sure your level of motivation is high, a personal trainer will also design a special training plan for you. This complex program should cover all your needs while also be shaped to suit your capabilities and help you reach your goals faster. While if you attend group practices, you have to do the same exercises as the other participants, when you have a personal coach they will make sure you only focus on the moves that work the best for you. Furthermore, after your skills improve, the trainer will also make an assessment and change the program to meet your new capabilities.

The trainer helps you prevent injuries

If you want to make the best out of your trainings, you should stay away from injuries. Of course, accidents happen, especially if you are a beginner and you train by yourself, which is why you should always have a professional by your side. Your coach will make sure you perform each move correctly and you do not put too much pressure on your bones, muscles and articulations. They will not force you to do something that may get dangerous, because this could jeopardise your entire training plan so it is not a sustainable option for you.

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