From zero to hero – how to become a pro netballer

If you want to take up a sport, netball is the right answer for you. The popularity rate of this sport has significantly increased in the past years and contrary to what many people believe, it is not only designed for women, but also for men. You can even see mixed teams in competitions. Also, playing netball comes with a series of great benefits for both the mind and the body. If you are interested in playing social netball games in London and in becoming a professional player, consider reviewing these useful tips mentioned below in this article.


Practise is the key

Obviously, the best way you can improve your game and go from zero to hero in netball is to train a lot. Enrol in local netball clubs or teams and play it as much as possible. Consider practising even in your spare time, with your friends for instance, even though they do not intend to take it to a professional level. Every practice will help you improve your gaming skills and will add to your experience. At first, it is recommended you play in different positions in order to see which one suits you best. Focus on your moving styles, passing skills and shooting moves. Consider playing netball by yourself whenever you have the chance by using various targets on a wall or by drawing them out with a piece of chalk.

Get properly equipped

Once you have decided to take up netball, it is time you start looking for proper equipment, from clothes to shoes, balls and other such things. Do your online research well and ensure the products you purchase are of the highest quality.

Watch your diet

The diet is an extremely important aspect to a professional netballer, so be selective when it comes to food. Try avoiding junk food and fast food as much as possible, as they can affect your health. Besides, eating healthy is great for both your body and your mind.

Read books and watch videos to learn new tactics

Another way you can improve your gaming is to read books on this sport and watch many videos on other popular netball teams. It is a great method to improve your strategy and learn new techniques that will help you win nearly every time.

All things considered, these tips are supposed to help you get from zero to a professional netball player.

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Small guide for keeping fit – follow the steps

One of the biggest challenges nowadays is trying to keep fit and healthy. But, with our small guide things can prove easier than you imagine. Do not waste any minute and read the following tips which can prove quite useful.

Find your motivation

In order to start doing sport, there is an important thing that you have to take into consideration. You should find your motivation first. How can you do that? It is simpler: just take a look in a mirror. Are you fully pleased of what you see? In case the answer is “no”, it is time to take actions immediately. What is more, try to think about summer. Would like going to the seaside this summer? Ok, you need a “summer” body. Thus, say goodbye to extra kilos and start working out.

Buy fitness equipment

Are you one of those who claim that they do not like going to gym? Do you usually blame the lack of time? Here is a good solution. Why do not you buy fitness equipment and transform your room into a small working out place? You can invest in innovative fitness products which are specifically designed for making you exercise at home and also benefits from good prices. Moreover, in case your room is not large enough, you can use your garage, attic, basement or even your balcony. There are people who have invested in complete home gym equipment in order to make sure that they will be able to do their physical exercises correctly.


On the other hand, in case you wonder why we highly recommend fitness, you should know that it is excellent for beginners. Put some music on your mp3 player and start working out. You can also watch some videos, as to make sure that you have chosen the best types of exercises for your body.

Make a plan

Keeping fit without a plan is… zero. You will give up after a day or two. Thus, you need to think about a strategy. Grab a notebook and try to put down the things that you have to do. Start by organising the exercises on days. You can call it a “Keeping fit diary”. Also, do not forget to make a list with the types of food that you are allowed to eat and those which are “forbidden”.

The big D from “Diet”

You cannot get that summer body that we have been talking about without keeping a healthy diet. But, be careful because it does not include starvation. There are many people who make this mistake and who believe that they can get rid of extra kilos only by not eating at all. But this is a wrong conception. You only have to give up junk food and sweets and replace them with fruit and vegetable.


However, bear in mind that there are no exceptions. Even when you go out, you should eat and drink healthy. For example, you should replace the regular soda or beer with a smoothie drink or other fresh low-calories drinks. Last but not least, do not forget about hydration. Drink as much water as you can. Your skin will also thank you too.


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Sport and back pain – everything you need to know


If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, then you know that exercise is an important part of it. Many people choose to exercise by practicing a sport. But many people experience low back pain when they practice sports, because they get injured. You might not know, but you can have back pain if you get injured while playing tennis, golf, or while you do activities as running, bicycling, swimming or skiing. These sports put a strain on your back and even if you are a fit athlete, you can suffer an injury. Actually, when it comes to athletes, many cases of back pain have as trigger a trauma. Other times the pain is caused by repetitive minor injuries, so if you experience pain for more than 6 weeks, you should look for low back pain relief in a specialized therapy center. In the majority of cases, back pain can be treated without major disruption in your life, but as an athlete, you might be reluctant to seek help.

Types of sports-related injuries

When exercising, you can experience injuries to any part of your spine. Also, sports can cause you injuries to the fascia and soft tissues, and this can lead to back pain. 20% of the injuries athletes experience involve neck or lower back pain. Lower back pain is caused by many sports. Sports that use a twisting motion, as golf, repetitive impact, as running, weight loading or lifting can cause great damage to your lower back. In addition, sports that involve impact, as football, and that place the neck at injury risk, can cause you neck pains. Adolescents suffer from low back pains, because they experience growth-related problems as Scheuermann’s kyphosis or scoliosis.

How can you avoid low back pain?

It is crucial to stretch before exercising because it will help you prevent injury. Also, if you are an athlete you should do a thorough warm-up before starting your activities. The warm-up is specific to the type of sport you practice. However, a traditional warm-up should include exercises that help you increase blood circulation to the ligaments and muscles of the back, and that stretch the upper and ladder muscles. In addition, you should slowly start the movements.

How can you treat low back pain?

The treatment differs according to the causes of your back pain. In the majority of cases, the treatment for athletes is conservative and it does not include surgical methods. Your doctor will prescribe you physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medication and exercise. Exercise is important during this period, because you have to strengthen your para-spinal, abdominal and pelvic musculature. If you have strong muscles in these areas, you take off the pressure from your spine and you can prevent injuries. You should ask the help of a physical therapist because they can help you develop a routine of rehabilitation and conditioning that can improve your health. If you experience back pain you should wait no longer, you should go to a physical therapy center and ask them assess your state.

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