Is CrossFit training really a killer workout program?


Many claim that weight training is the ultimate workout form. Well, that’s debatable, especially with the new trends in the field. A quite recent approach on training, which may claim is the most effective, is Cross Fit. And it already has its stable place in the fitness world. But, what differentiates this approach from others? First of all, it cultivates a strong community sense in those attending these classes, as claims. Also, the classes have a crazy vibe. But in a positive sense. In an “I’m not quitting until I am dead” sense. And this is great, because many find in them the support they need to accomplish their fitness goals. However, below you will find explained what makes Cross training a killer workout program.

Sweat, tears and gold

In other words, by the end of your class, you’ll be exhausted, yet happy and positive. This is the result of the intensive workouts, a complex blend of squats, dumbbell exercises, Olympic lifting and intricate cardio sequences as well. Although these programs are short, they are considerably more efficient than weight training, and they build stamina and endurance fast. Also, those into this kind of training see fast results in terms of appearance, their body fat ratio reducing considerably only after a month of Cross training. The cardio sequences are more efficient than the hours spent on a treadmill or elliptical. And although oftentimes the differences are not significant in terms of strength, the stamina, the endurance and jump capabilities were considerably higher in those attending Cross classes than weightlifting. Also, while weightlifting concentrates exclusively on the number of repetitions of each exercise, Cross classes try to squeeze a higher number of reps of each exercise in continuously decreasing intervals, while preserving proper form and execution. This is far more challenging than the traditional approach.

Gain power and perspective

The communities formed by Cross classes encourage each participant to push their boundaries, work harder and accomplish their fitness goals more efficiently. On the other hand, weightlifting is an individual form of training, case in which, many find it difficult to motivate themselves. Accomplishing more is easier in a competitive, yet supportive environment, than in a solitary one. This is why many choose this kind of workout to others. Also, since it offers traceable results, those practicing it feel more motivated to return to this kind of classes and improve furthermore their appearance, stamina and fitness capabilities.

For killer results, follow a proper training schedule

Although there are many online Cross classes, you might want to attend a gym for it. Guidance is necessary, especially for Cross newbies, because the exercises and fairly complicated and you want to avoid injuries. Also, avoid overworking your body, because your stamina and results will decrease otherwise. It is advisable to attend such classes two to three times a week, in which to increase gradually the number of repetitions, and decrease the time in which you perform them. Also, follow strictly your trainer’s indications if you want proper results.