Kimi Raikkonen returns to Ferrari!

This year, Formula 1 enthusiasts heard all sorts of news about the many upcoming changes in the teams and just when things seemed to be clear, another announcement intrigued readers. Even though it started out as a rumor, things couldn’t be more clear. Kimi Raikkonen has returned to Ferrari! The Formula 1 champion decided that it is time he returned to his first love and signed a two year contract with the Ferrari team. Indeed this came as a surprise, considering that up until recently, it was a sure thing that Raikonnen would become team mate with the young Sebastian Vettel.

It seems that despite heavy negotiations with the Lotus team, Kimi Raikonnen decided to head out towards Ferrari. The news was sure to cause waves among enthusiasts , as joining Ferrari means teaming up with Fernando Alonso, an important name in Formula 1. Thus, it might not be such a big surprise if Ferrari will occupy first position in classifications. Two champions in the same team is not a situation that is simple to manage and Raikonnen is not the pilot to surrender his place. However, considering that previous rumors placed Raikonnen in the same team as Vettel, the situation is not that different. It might just be better to team up with Alonso rather than the proud and eager to win Sebastien Vettel. Still, when negotiations were held with Red Bull in the hope of convincing Raikonnen to join Vettel’s team, the two pilots were seen talking on the podium. Moreover, Fernando Alonso is known for a bad temper and proof stands the disastrous McLaren season in 2007. The Formula 1 pilot has had a rather stormy relationship with the Ferrari team, which can only worsen if he should be asked to let Raikonnen lead.

Considering the last race which took place in South Korea, in which Raikonnen set of from a troubling 9 pole position and managed to reach the podium, winning the second place, while his future team mate, Fernando Alonso was left behind, the situation is rather tense. However, in Alonso’s defense, the general pilot classifications show Alonso on the second place with 195 points and Raikonnen third with 167 points. Ferrari has set a clear goal this year, to win their first championship since 2007. Considering that it was Raikonnen who brought the title to Ferrari, bringing him back does seem like a good move. The Brazilian pilot Felipe Massa decide to leave Ferrari, announcing that he is looking to join a team that will offer him sufficient room to grow. Even though Fernando Alonso would have preferred for this change not to appear, the discussions between Massa and Ferrari announced the rupture. Thus, the decision to leave Ferrari came as no surprise. Either way, an interesting Formula 1 season is starting to catch shape. Raikonnen surprised everyone with his results throughout the last two years, putting aside all the rumors regarding his Formula 1 departure. This sport keeps on getting better and enthusiasts should expect a lot of surprises this season.