Questions you never thought to ask your personal trainer


When you decide to go to the gym, you definitely have some goals in mind, but if you do not have experience in this domain, then you might not know what exercises you should include in your routine. If you want to be sure, that going to gym would also bring you some visible results, and you will not be only exhausted, you should consider collaborating with a personal trainer. Because you will spend some quality time with your Modbury personal trainer, you should ask them some questions you might not think before. You have to try to find as many details as possible about your future workout buddy, because you have to discover if s/he is the right one for helping you, achieve your goals.

Why are you a personal trainer?

You should not have the wrong impression that this should be the first question you should ask the personal instructor when you meet, but this is a smart one to have in mind while you are making conversation. Finding the reason behind their decision might create a bond between you two, which will help you stay motivated. Also, from their answer you will be able to find some legitimate information about their training and background.

Do you specialise in any training styles?

When you are going to the gym, you might already have a plan on what specific exercises you prefer, so you should hire a personal instructor which has the needed skills to help you in that particular area. Therefore, when you first meet with your possible trainers you should ask them about the specific skills that make them unique in the industry. So if you have specific goals, you should be sure that the personal trainer you are choosing has the required certification to help you achieve them.

Are you a certified instructor?

Yes, the trainers could say that they are specialists in a certain domain, thanks to their experience, but s/he might not be also certified. For being a certified instructor, people have to pass an exam held by one of the specialised organisations from your area. You have to be sure that the person you are hiring is certified, because you might never know what happens during one of your workouts, and the trainer should know how to act, and also how to provide you CPR help. There are more certification every trainer should have, so do not forget to bring this aspect into question.

How long and how often should I train?

You should inform your instructor about your goals from the very beginning, because according to them you will decide the frequency of your workouts. The amount of time you will spend in the gym in the following period, might depend on your schedule, goals and fitness experience. Therefore, you should discuss with your personal instructor and see what plan s/he has for you, and how often you should work out in order to see the results you have in mind.