Take calcium supplements to protect yourself from exercise-related bone loss

It is not surprising that athletes need more nutrients than the average Joe. Due to the fact that they engage in physical activity, their body demands extra supplementation. Even if you are not a competitor, you too need to ensure a higher intake of nutrients if you are involved in sports. Although exercise is supposed to strengthen your bones, sometimes it can do the exact opposite. To be more precise, the harder you work out, the weaker your bones become. The result is that you are more prone to suffering injuries. To prevent serious problems, it is recommendable to take calcium supplements. You needn’t read AlgaeCal reviews to see that these pills actually work. They do and the results generally exceed expectations.


How resistance training causes bone loss

Physical activity is generally believed to help people overcome bone loss, but the fact is that too much endurance exercise can result in bone loss. What happens is that the intensity makes the bones weaker. In other words, if you like to cycle or swim, you can lose a lot of mineral. Do you want to know how calcium escapes from your body? The answer is simple: through sweating. You basically need to make up for the amounts that are lost via perspiration. If you do not get enough calcium, then your body will get it from your bones. To keep your bones healthy, you need mineral. What you do not have to do is give up exercising. As long as you keep your body from eating too much bone, you are free to continue running hills sprints.

Taking calcium pills

If you are worried about what happens to your bones during exercise, you should really consider investing in some dietary supplements. When it comes to bone health, calcium is an essential nutrient. The reason for this is that it maintains the necessary level of bone mass. Therefore, when you are exercising, the body will not use bone mineral. Instead, it will make use of the calcium from the body. As long as you take mineral through your training program, you are not likely to suffer bone loss or, even worse, fractures. On the contrary, your bone mineral density will increase and you will be able to enjoy your physical activity.

Be careful not to exaggerate with calcium supplements

It is clear that taking calcium pills while exercising is important, but attention should be paid to the fact taking too much can have certain consequences. If there is a high amount of mineral in your blood, your kidneys have to work extra. Hypercalcemia affects the muscles and the psychological system as well. Just to be on the safe side, you should not take more than 1,000 mg of calcium a day. Taking supplements does make your workout more effective, but remember that it is not necessary to exaggerate.


If you love to cycle or to run on a daily basis, do not forget to take your dietary supplements. they will make you feel much healthier.