The best season start: AS Roma at the top of Serie A

AS Roma moved at the top of Serie A last week after it defeated Inter Milan, placed on the fourth position, with a clear 3-0 victory, a dynamic match in which 37 years old Francesco Totti scored twice. Totti opened the scoring in the 18th minute with a highly powerful finish and then scored again in the 39th minute, through a penalty hit which came for a foul on Gervinho. The win was sealed by Alessandro Florenzi in the 44th minute, through the means of a swift counterattack. Eleven minutes before time, Roma’s Federico Balzaretti was sent off, but it did not make any difference, as Inter Milan still couldn’t score and Roma enjoyed the seventh successive league win. This is by far their best start to a season in Serie A and even the man of the hour, Totti, agrees to its greatness: “This squad’s continuity is the greatest thing”, he says, adding “Winning seven straight matches isn’t easy…I don’t think anyone expected this start to the season”.

The Inter Milan squad was also quite impressive up to this point in the season, this actually being their first loss. At this point, they are seven points behind AS Roma, a team which was clearly influenced by its new manager, Rudi Garcia. The club registered new record after new record these past weeks, from the number of straight victories to the number of goals in the first 6 matches, 17 this season and from nine different players. Attack is not the only area where AS Roma seems to be holding high ground, as they only have one goal against, boasting the most fierce defense in Europe. This comes as a great record, as not since 1967, when Inter Milan succeeded in winning six matches in a row while conceding only one goal, has another Serie A team managed the same achievement.

Totti was definitely fans’ most favorite player in the match against Inter, scoring two goals and opening the match beautifully. As a happy coincidence, or maybe not, Totti’s contract was extended for two more seasons recently. The two goals that he scored against Inter represented his 229th and 230th ones in Serie A, making him second to Silvio Piols, who has 274 goals in Serie A on the all time list. Inter had no chance on San Siro, even with their great opportunity in the 66th minute, when Andrea Ranocchia gained some advantage but fouled Morgan De Sanctis, AS Roma’s goalkeeper.

AS Roma-Inter was certainly an exciting and surprising match and more are expected in this year’s Serie A, as new teams and new dynamics unroll. For sure, Italian fans and not only were excited at the Juventus – AC Milan match, which opened in the first 20 seconds with Muntari’s goal, but ended with the Juventus victory, 3-2, after Italy’s champion scored through Pirlo, Giovinco and Giorgio Chellini.